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Year 2008

Primary Information
Jan. 26~27
2008 1st Semester Volunteer Teachers Workshop
Feb. 24
6th Volunteers Basic Training Course
Feb. 29
Kookmin Ilbo 2008 Management Award, Special Sharing Award (Kim Hae-Seong the Representative)
Mar. 20
Viewing and Experiencing Traditional Wedding Ceremony of the Married Immigrants
Apr. 20
Mongol Traditional Chess Tournament, Mongol Community
Apr. 20
Sri Lanka New Years Celebration Athletic Events, Sri Lanka Community
Apr. 27
Vietnam Unification Day Events
May 4
Children’s English Musical Teeth Viewing
May 11
2008 1st Semester Korean Teachers Workshop
May 11
Migrants' Arirang Ministry of Labor, Operating Thailand Booths
May 18
General Korean Christian Religion Concert for Multicultural Families
May 25
Multicultural Experience at National Museum
Jun. 1
Free Health Medical Examination, Hansen Welfare Association
Jun. 29
2008 1st Semester Completion Ceremony
Jul. 31~Aug. 2
Sarangeu Violin Summer Camp
Aug. 30
2008 2nd Semester Korean Teachers Workshop
Aug. 24~31
<Breakdown> Viewing
Sep. 28
Han-maeum Festival 2008
Oct. 28 ~ 29
Korea Migrant Centers Staff Workshop
Nov. 23
Computer Volunteer Teacher’s Conference
Nov. 30
Korean Volunteer Teacher’s Conference
Dec. 19
Pacific Law Firm Signed a Business Agreement
Dec. 21
2008 2nd Semester Completion Ceremony
Dec. 21
Korea Migrant Center Nights
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