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Introduction on Korea Support Center for Foreign Workers

Since the time that South Korea claim to be one of the most advanced economies, specifically from the mid-1980s, it has also been known to be one of the countries who has been actively importing foreign workers. Specifically, after the 1988 Seoul Olympics, South Korea has been continuously advancing economically. Consequently, this led to the improvement of right awareness and income increase which in turn intensified the avoidance of the so-called 3D industries by the domestic workers.
The beginning of 1990s is witness to start of the full-scale influx of foreign workers to Korea. According to the data of Ministry of Justice, there are about 760,000 foreign workers currently residing in South Korea. These foreign workers have been undergoing problems such as language barrier, problems on legal systems, cultural differences and so on. Other than that, they have been exposed to the poor working conditions of 3D industries, and other problems include: delayed payment of wages, physical assaults, industrial accidents, illnesses and some were even victims of human rights abuse.
The Korea Support Center for Foreign Workers has been established on December 2004 in accordance to the employment laws for foreign workers. This center was established to protect the rights and welfare of foreign workers. We are operating under the Human Resources Development of Korea (HRD Korea) and from the consignment given by Global Love Sharing ((사)지구촌사랑나눔이).
In this center, we implement various educational programs that are necessary for the foreign workers and we also inform them about the traditional culture of Korea. In addition, we also give counseling services to foreign workers who have been facing difficulties. Also, we aim to provide satisfaction and happiness to these workers through our welfare facilities. Through these efforts, we have not only prevented the negative impressions on South Korea, but in fact, we have actively improved the national image.

In the global age, we are all family. Borders have become meaningless. As we transcended the barrier between human race and religion, language and nationalities we all become dignified individuals. With these ideals, the Korea Support Center for Foreign Workers promises to exert its best efforts in protecting the rights and welfare of the foreign workers.

※ Notice
1. This center is not a hiring agency. Please contact the appropriate foreign worker hiring agency for inquiries.
2. We do not deputize for broadcasting, performances and public relations for interview purposes.
※Reminder for those who want to visit this center!

1. Please contact us through info@migrantok.org.
2. Please send us an official notice BEFORE visiting. Please make sure to receive an notice approval and schedule prior to your visit.

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