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    Korea Migrant Health Association sa Korea

Migrant Workers Health Association in Korea, hope for Migrant Workers

   (Medical Mutual-Aid Union)

      “Migration itself is a cause of stress and diseases to migrant workers who are forced to adjust  themselves into foreign land where they facing unfamiliar labor and living atmosphere.


Association Migrant Counseling Centers

Seoul Migrant Workers Center 02-3672-9472
Seoul Migrant Workers House/Korean Chinese House 02-863-6622
Sungdong Migrant Workers Center 02-2282-7974
Elim Mission Center 02-796-0170
Association for Foreign Migrant Workers Human Rights 02-795-5504
Yongsan Nanum House 02-718-9986
Won Buddism Seoul Foregin Center 02-2699-9943
Migrant Workers Welfare Society in Korea 02-858-4115


Inchon Migrant Workers Center 032-874-3612
Korea Migrant Workers Human Rights Center 032-576-8114


[Kyunggi Goyang]
Gerbang 031-921-6979
Shalom House for Migrant Workers in Goyang 031-921-5006
Ilsan Korean-Chinese Welfare Mission Center 031-975-5042
Friends of Asia 031-921-7880(Goyang) 031-942-7882(Paju)


[Kyunggi Buchon]
Buchon Migrant Workers House 032-654-0664
Solidarity for Asian Human Rights and Culture 032-684-0245


[Kyunggi Sungnam]
Sungnam Migrant Workers House/Korean-Chinese House 031-756-2143


[Kyunggi Suwon]
Suwon Migrant Workers Shelter 031-258-1671
Emmaus 031-257-8501


[Kyunggi Shiheung]
Jagunjari Migrant Workers Center 031-313-6525


[Kyunggi Ansan]
Galilea 031-494-8411
Ansan Migrant Shelter 031-492-8785
Ansan Migrant Workers House/Korean-Chinese House 031-495-2288


[Kyunggi Anyang]
Anyang Migrant Workers' Center 031-443-2876


[Kyunggi Yongin]
Migrant Workers Human Rights Center under CLC Korea 031-339-9133
[Kyunggi Euijungbu]
Catholic Uijeongbu Migrant Center 031-878-6926


[Kyunggi Pochon]
Pocheon Migrant Workers Center 031-532-2025


[Kyunggi Gimpo]
Gimpo Migrant Workers Center 017-226-7615


Daejeon Migrant Workers Total Support Center 042-631-6242
Asan Migrant Worker's Center 041-541-9112
Cheonan Migrant Workers Center 041-565-5801


Chungbuk Migrant Workers Total Support Center 043-533-6009


Gwnagju Migrant Workers Center 062-971-0078


Mission Center for Migrant Workers in Daegu 053-421-1411

    Nagbibigay ng Libreng Konsulta at Gamot

Ang mga nagkakaloob ng libreng konsulta at gamot...

= Doty Hospital: 02-385-1477 (Eung-am-dong)

= Joseph Clinic: 02-2634-1760 (Yeungdueng-po)

= National Medical Center: 02-260-7062~3 (Dongdaemun)

= Seoul Medical Center: 02-3430-0200 (Gangnam)

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