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- ඉන්චෝන් ප්රදේශය
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- JeolLaNam-do
- ChungCheongNam-Do
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    Free Medical Exam Pogram for the Migrant Workers
    Admin     2007/03/29 5:11 pm

Keongnamdo decided to establish a free medical exam program for the migrant workers who do not benefit from the national medical insurance system.

On June 23rd, the state declared that the government had promised to subsidize 230million won to support the program. This will help those who do not have medical care insurances.

There are about 8000 legal migrant workers in the state, and currently no one is homeless.
The program will provide 5million won per person for medical examination, treatment, and operations. Additional cost will be given after the inspection.
The medical examination centers are: Masan hospital, JinJu hospital, and the Red Cross Hospital in Tongyoung (Public Facilities); and Changwon Patima Hospital, Changwon Central Hospital which are private hospitals.

If one wishes to receive free medical examination and treatment, one can directly contact the hospitals or can go to a dong/state office.

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