ආයතනයේ හැදින්වීම උපදේශන අධ්යාපන කටයුතු අධ්යාපන කටයුතු ප්රතිකා මාධ්ය කර්මාන්ත ශාලාව
ප්රවෘත්ති විස්තර
අනිවාර්ය අභ්යාස
පිංතුර විස්තර
පත්තර විස්තර
සංවිධාන විස්තර
- සෝල් ප්රදේශය
- ක්යොන්ග් ප්රදේශය
- ඉන්චෝන් ප්රදේශය
- ක්වාන්ග්ජු ප්රදේශය
- තේගු ප්රදේශය
- බුසාන් ප්රදේශය
- කන්ග්වොන් ප්රදේශය
- GyeongSangNam-Do
- GyeongSangBuk-Do
- JeolLaBuk-do
- JeolLaNam-do
- ChungCheongNam-Do
- ChungCheongBuk-Do
- JeJu-Do
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    Guide for Educational Programs
    Admin     2007/03/29 5:10 pm

Korean migrant workers' support center offers free Korean, computer and Taegwondo classes on every weekend. Educational programs are expected to assist migrant workers to adjust to Korean culture and be helpful in maintaining better career life at work by promoting communication ability. Beginner's Taegwondo class directed by Mentor Lee , Won Goo of Purgio Taegwondo Gym is from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday. Korean classes have preliminary, beginner's, intermediate and advanced classes and not only Korean alphabets but also reading and composition are planned to be taught. Lastly, computer class have preliminary, beginner's and intermediate classes and classes of basic computer skills ranging from internet research to make hompage are being offered. Application is possible at any time during opening time of the center, and those who want to participate can apply to classes in the counceling office on the first floor at the Korean Migrant Workers' Support Center.

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