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    lot021409     2013/05/21 9:44 pm
Good morning sir i am a CBT passer from Philippines. Just want to know why our previous employer with the same staff, our president resigned then our manager takes his place, cannot rehire us because they change their company name. We worked for them 3 plus 3 years without any release and they have records to prove it. We should be on the bracket of sincere workers that can be rehired after staying 3 months at home but unluckily we did not reach the July 2 2012 implementation which hurts us so much because we finished our contract June 2012. We decided to go home and not stay illegally hoping for the CBT the only way they can rehire us but then again it so sad to know with some reasons they can`t rehire us. HRD or MOEL should give considerations to our case.

Thank you very much sir and hoping response from your good office
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